Wedding Photography Workshop!

They’re Only Doing This Once!

If you are a wedding photographer (…or thinking of becoming a wedding photographer) and you’re looking to expand your business and photography knowledge – We have just what you need!

With over 22 years in the wedding photography world, Jenny Gegg is ready to share ALL of her secrets WITH YOU!

This introductory course will cover all facets of a wedding day: posing, lighting, camera work and more!

Come learn how to manage a timeline, exceed the couples’ expectations, and (most importantly) get the tools you need to perfectly capture their once in a lifetime moments!

This class is designed for anyone looking to get started or in the first 5 years of their wedding photography career… although more experienced photographers might pick up some great new tips as well!

Don’t wait to sign up we can’t wait to see you on June 6th at Noon!