Print Competition


This state competition is a yearly competition where entries are evaluated against a standard of excellence using the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. This competition DOES NOT qualify a member for merits. It is a convention educational competition for SDPPA members only.


  1. Entrant must have captured and created the original exposure.
  2. Any entry that has been reproduced from an existing photograph. Portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will not be judged, accepted or displayed. If an entry, in the good faith opinion of the Photographic Exhibition Committee, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law, that entry shall be disqualified.
  3. The entrant’s name must not be visible on the entry.
  4. A maximum of four entries may be submitted per entrant.
  5. No entry will be eligible if it has been made under the supervision of an instructor or as a class assignment.
  6. No two entries may be of the same subject.
  7. Entries previously merited at any PPA International Competition are not eligible, including any image from a merited album.
  8. Entry media includes digital submissions only.


1. Files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi). Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should not exceed 3.5 MB.
2. Files are to be named, Image_Title (use _ for spaces, e.g. See_Spot_Run.jpg).

For more information on entering print competition, visit PPA’s IPC Video Tutorials page at:


Award given to the Highest Scoring Entry in each of the following categories: Portrait, Illustrative, Wedding
1st Time Entry Award is given to the highest scoring image over all categories from a first-time participant.
The CPP Award is given to the Certified Professional Photographer with the highest single entry.
The Photographer of the Year Award is given to the South Dakota photographer with the highest total case score based on the North Central District final scores.


  • There is no entry fee.
  • You MUST upload your images files to the SDPPA website.
  • Competition registration opens on March 4, 2019 and all entries must be uploaded by 5:00pm (Central Time) on March 29, 2019. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE UPLOADED ONLINE March 29, 2019.

Note: Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification of entry. The decision of the Overall Jury Chairman is final.

Submit Your Entries Here